one whole day of…


post-game drinking on and off the field!

and dressing up ala GG!!!

woohoo!!! i’m so psyched!!! :))

BUT i must remind myself NOT to do all or any of the following:

  • kiss underaged boys;
  • assault an unwilling guy and shout i want <insert guy’s name>! when my teammates try to pry me away from him;
  • dance on top of a table;
  • engage in a butt bumping contest with sol and end up sitting on the dance floor;
  • puke on the sidewalk or anywhere else public;
  • be so drunk that i have to be carried out of the party venue;
  • pull down my skirt and show people my tat;
  • approach he-who-shall-not-be-named and cling to him like a grapevine; and
  • start crying and sharing my heart problems with any available stranger.

in other words, i must not embarrass myself at this pua party!!! hehehe. and yes, i’ve already done the stuff listed above, and a lot more!!! here’s to hoping i don’t do anything else to be added to that list. :))

woohoo ulit!!! 😛