last night, me and a few girl friends watched the first-day showing of Sex and the City.

it was a wonderful homecoming for carrie, samantha, charlotte and miranda… the designer clothes, the designer shoes, the loves of their lives and of course, the sex. although, most of that was cut out of the movie. boo, mtrcb, boo!!!

there isn’t much i can say without spoiling it for all of you so i’ll just say this… it’s fun and it’s fabulous. sometimes it was a bit dragging but overall it was a great continuation of each woman’s story. plus all the fabulous clothes and shoes make me want to go shopping right now!!! :))

there was one thing i really loved about the movie and about the series and that is the bond of friendship the girls have with each other. i think friends are the best support system one can have after a breakup or just even a bad day. sex and the city is a wonderful testament to a beautiful friendship.

i’m so glad i have the nicest, caring, loving and brutally honest friends a gal can find. i’m a lucky girl! 😉 i love you friends! :*