my multiply was flooded with joshy-woshy’s uploaded pictures and i clicked on this…..

melai and me @ taty’s despedida party, Oct. 2006

my first thought, probably the same as yours right now, was omg! ang laki ng boobs ko noon! i know i get teased a lot about the size of my ta-tas but you have to admit that this after picture, below, has nothing on my before picture, above. and it’s not just because of the bad posture and the relativity with the person i’m with the picture. my breasts have really gotten smaller.

me and rox @ summer league week 6, May 2008

it’s weird when you see old photos of yourself because suddenly you reminisce on how things were before and you compare them to how they are nowadays. lots of things have changed since then… my boobs got smaller. my hair got shorter. my skin got darker. i lost weight. i got a job. i moved to a different ultimate team. i got promoted (for lack of a better word). i have my own credit cards. i got into photography. i got over my first love. i fell in-love again. i got my heart broken again. and so on and so forth…

it got me thinking, we do grow older but do we get any wiser? hehehe.

oh, and i miss my long hair… 😦 i think it’ll take more than a year to grow it that long again.


i’m back to my old drinking ways again. i came home drunk early saturday morning after drinking glasses and glasses of cayo’s revenge (rhum, sprite and lipovitan). i was able to reply to a friend’s text saying that i was home and puke before passing out on our couch. i woke up disoriented at 6am, moved to a more comfortable bed and went back to sleep. i woke up again at 930am, ate some breakfast and spent the rest of the morning feeling queasy and pondering if i really want to start this all over again.

i really enjoy the laughter and the teasing during drinking sessions and i enjoy the freedom alcohol provides me (‘coz i have lots of inhibitions). but i do not enjoy the puking, the sleeping in cabs on the ride home and the waking up and not remembering a thing about the night before. all these negative things don’t always happen when i get drunk but they’ve happened more than is desirable.

i guess i haven’t reached the point where i get tired of drinking yet. i thought i was after almost a month of detoxing but i guess i’m not there yet. oh well, as long i don’t pass out right? oops, i’ve done that too! :))


we’re done with six weeks of the summer league and the verdict is in… TODA 1 is currently rank 3rd! grabe, nakakatuwa parin isipin. :))


i feel like such a klutz in front of my crush sometimes. my mind goes blank and i get tongue-tied and i end up saying wrong things. tsk tsk tsk. hehehe.