it isn’t such a good idea to drink beer at 3pm after 2 games under the scorching heat of the sun and with no food in your stomach ‘coz it goes straight to your head. i was giggling after one beer and one shot of gin! such a shame, considering all the alcohol training i’ve gone through this past few years. hehehe. when i got home yesterday, i had this really bad headache so i was asleep at 830pm.

when i woke up this morning, i felt fine but then i wasn’t so thrilled about the idea of being squished like a sardine on the lrt in my commute to work. so i asked my boss if i could work from home which he graciously agreed to. so i spent the entire day multi-tasking, working and watching gilmore girls at the same time. hehehe. i’m so in-love with logan right now!!! *sigh* which i guess explains the previous post. (my sister is sick and tired of hearing me say… i love logan! already. hehehe.)

i was walking home from buying a mcdo sundae earlier today and i had a realization, i have been drama-free for the past two months!!! then it got me thinking… do i miss the drama? my life has become quite monotonous recently: work, ultimate, online shopping, friday movie nights, poker nights and gilmore girls. last year was the beginning of so many things for me and despite how things turned out, i do not regret anything that happened. i do not deny that sometimes i think about what could’ve been if i made different decisions but then the thought passes. everything that happened was meant to happen and it’s made me a discover a new side to myself. i learned that i could be really emotional when i’m PMS-ing (maybe not only then) and that i’m stronger than i realize.

so i guess a couple of things they say about life is true… life’s a bitch! and life goes on. 😀