i’m on the nth day of my gilmore girls marathon. i just spent the entire day in front of the tv watching gilmore girls… and working, of course! hehehe. i’m currently in season 6, where logan huntzburger (no idea about the spelling) is rory’s love interest. and it came to me… i have a type!!! i like handsome, rich, arrogant, witty, seemingly emotionally-unattached guys! i don’t think i’ve “dated” enough guys to warrant this as my type in real life but in movies and tv shows, he’s the guy i’m normally rooting for!

1.) chuck from gossip girl

during the first few episodes, he was this asshole that you really wanted to hate. however, everything changed for me after that burlesque episode. since then, i’ve been waiting for the moment when both he and blair realize that they’re made for each other.

2.) logan from gilmore girls

my current obsession. gosh, he’s so HOT!!! he’s fun, spontaneous, rich and so into rory. grabe, i so want to be pampered by him. hehehe.

3.) jess from gilmore girls

pre-logan, there was jess. jess was the rebel, the smart rebel. he and rory connected so well intellectually. he was undeniably her match in that aspect. but i guess, he was too selfish and too caught up in his own personal problems when they were together.

4.) logan from veronica mars

another misguided, spoiled rich brat who becomes a really devoted boyfriend. *sigh* don’t you just love it when they fall-in-love and become lovesick puppies? hehehe.

5.) spike from buffy the vampire slayer

and on to the baddest boy of the bunch… spike, the vampire with a soul. this is a repost, i already posted this before as probably one of the sweetest things a guy could say. 😀

hmmm… maybe there really is something so challenging about reforming the bad boy and bringing a rake to his knees. here’s one thing i’ll say though… they sure look like they can kiss!!! :))

i want the witty repartee! i want the birkin bag! i want the weak-in-the-knees kiss! i want logan! i want chuck! i want jess! i want spike!

and i need to spend more time NOT in front of the tv. hehehe.