i just finished this book Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” by Cameron Dokey which i found in my sister’s pile of new books on monday morning. it’s a thin book so i finished reading it on the commute to work.

i enjoyed it from start to finish. there were times that after reading a sentence, i’d close the book then stare into space and ponder what i just read. i think this is a habit of mine when i read love stories. sometimes i pause to ponder on a sentence or paragraph. sometimes i pause to daydream that whatever romantic was actually happening to me. and sometimes i pause to reminisce memories that it conjures (yes, i do have a few).

i know i like to blame fairytales for my being a hopeless romantic but i still love them!!! i especially love re-tellings because there’s always some new point of view or twist that the writer brings to the story.

i’d really like to share what i loved most about this book but then i’d be spoiling it for any of you who would like to read it. 🙂

i love reading love stories! problem is, after reading them i end up thinking about my miserable love life and start to feel depressed. (well, not depressed depressed… but you know what i mean.) questions like, when will it be my turn? where’s my prince charming? and what is wrong with me? all come to mind immediately.

sometimes i’m scared that i’ll never find my perfect match. that one day, i’ll wake up old and alone and realize once and for all that LOVE was not meant for me. that is such a sad, sad thought and is my biggest fear.

i’ve fallen twice already and neither guy has caught my fall. they didn’t even help me up. and somehow i get the feeling that i’ll stumble and pick myself up a few more times.

i’m too young to be cynical on love and i think i haven’t even had enough experiences to compare with some other people. but sometimes it’s hard to keep believing that there is a someone out there that’s meant for me. truth be told, sometimes i think LOVE was just an invention for couples to remain monogamous. such a guy way to think right? but it’s true, sometimes i think it’s impossible to meet that ONE perfect match who will grow old with you. but then, i get over it and give up to the inevitability of my romanticism. THERE IS A PERFECT MATCH FOR ME SOMEWHERE OUT THERE!!!

an episode of sex and the city suddenly comes to mind. the one where charlotte attends this motivational meeting on believing that true love exists. i’m trying to look for a clip on youtube but i don’t think there’s any. it’s all vague to me now, but i think they had to chant something about believing that they would find true love. i can’t remember it that well anymore but i think it proves that in this world it’s getting harder to believe and to trust that we will someday find true love.

gah, here i am overthinking again. and on my favorite topic no less! hehehe. you’d think i’d stop reading and watching love stories because of the effect they have on me, but i can’t help myself!!! hehehe. i’m currently reading a retelling of snow white.

and to my future special someone, i think john mayer said it best: i’m tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here…