i survived week 2 of the summer league unscathed!!! thank goodness i played a lot better. our first game was against alabang where we were cupped for almost the entirety of the game. good thing my forehand decided to cooperate. hehehe. stress talaga maging handler paminsan. lalo na on the cup kasi handler play na talaga yun eh. super thankful ako my nerves didn’t kick in and i was able to throw well during the swings. we lost the game 10-6.

i felt a bit more worried for the wengweng game kasi yun yung must-win namin in order to remain in pool A for the next round. buti hindi naubos yung good energy namin from the first game. back-to-back pa naman kami. we won 13-4. first win of the league and it feels good. 😀

hindi na ako nagsisisi na we’re playing in pool A. kaya naman pala namin eh. we just really need to train more and push ourselves more during the games. even though we won’t be winning a lot of games we still will be learning a lot and boosting our confidence to a new level.

i can’t believe i’m saying this but i can’t wait for next weeks games!!! :)) i lurve, luv, LOVE this game!!! :))

at dahil natuwa ako sa pic na ito, share ko na rin sa inyo. :)) c’mon, give me room for a little bit of narcissism here sa blog ko. hehehe. this was taken by jb during our drills prior to the game. who knew i could actually jump and extend this way. glad there’s proof now for anyone who says otherwise. sana lang nakuha ko yung disc diba? hehehe.