sometimes i feel as though my world is becoming a bit too small. why, you ask? well, i can’t go through a week without running into 3 guys i’ve kissed. i know, 3 is not a big number yet but hey! it’s me we’re talking about here. i thought i’d end up kissing only one!

yes, there was once a time i believed that the first guy i kissed would be the last. hmmm… on what can i blame this unheard of phenomenon?


think about it, what fairytale has a heroine who ended up kissing a guy who wasn’t prince charming? is any coming to mind? well, i can’t think of any. feel free to enlighten me if you know any. 😀

in fairytales, a kiss, specifically true love’s kiss, is all-powerful. it has the power to break evil spells. after all, sleeping beauty and snow white both awake from a deep slumber after true love’s kiss.

a kiss is all that a young princess-to-be dreamed of…

it even has the power to turn frogs into princes. remember the frog prince, where the princess kissed the frog and was pleasantly suprised that he turned out to be prince after all. this guy made a very good observation… why kiss a frog when there are are many fish in the sea? hehehe.

too bad we don’t live in a fairytale. in reality, frogs just turn out to be frogs. seldom, if ever, do they turn into princes.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining about anything. this is just a weird random thought. recently, i feel like the walls are closing in on me. my social network is becoming a bit too interconnected and it’s not hard to come face-to-face with one drunken mistake after another. drunken mistakes are actually a blessing and a curse. it is a blessing because you have the perfect excuse for acting terribly out of character. on the negative side, you did get drunk and that nightmare you keep dreaming about actually happened and no matter how many times you hit your head against a wall it wouldn’t change a thing.

but who am i kidding? truth be told, it isn’t so bad kissing frogs. ;))