it’s been a while since i posted an lss entry, huh? 😀

although i enjoy watching american idol, i’m not really a die hard fan of the show. i have to admit there have been some pretty unforgettable performances on that show. last night, carly’s performance of here you come again has just been added to my list of unforgettable idol performances. this is still giving me goosebumps:

here are the others that make my list:

carrie underwood – alone

constantine maroulis – i can’t make you love me

i know what you’re probably thinking… huh? constantine? well, this was the first time i heard this song and i feel in love with it instantly. isn’t that enough to merit it as a good performance? 🙂

elliot yamin – moody’s mood for love

elliot yamin – a song for you

i love elliot yamin! i wish he won that season of american idol but it wasn’t meant to be. but he’s doing good nowadays. good for him!

fantasia barrino – what are you doing the rest of your life?

i’m really not a fan of hers, but this is a really good performance. i love this song and i’m glad she didn’t murder it. someday, a guy is going to sing this to me before proposing marriage. 😉 hehehe.

katherine mcphee – somewhere over the rainbow

yeah, simon was right that this song suited her. amazing vocals on this one!

finally my favorite and the first american idol… kelly clarkson

i love her! amazing talent!!!