wow! the first few questions that come to mind are: how the hell did that happen? and who the hell reads my blog? 😉

on the latter question, i already know that my hair crisis last june 2007 is the post with the most number of hits. apparently posting mandy moore’s and eva mendez’ haircuts i liked was a good idea. then, i did the favorite romantic scenes countdown which has provided me with blog traffic as well. one thing is for sure though, some of my friends read my blog to keep abreast with my current emotional state. :))

ah yes, my emotional state, which brings me to another question, why did i start a blog? well, truth be told, my blogging started out of boredom. something to do when i wanted a break from studying or work or surfing the net. in my old blog my posts were few and far between. but since i started working, i got pretty addicted to the blogging. the more bored i was, the more stuff i wrote. now that i’m really busy with work, i still find time to write.

you see, i love the idea of documenting what is currently happening in my life. with each passing day, we all experience something new. sometimes these may be things that are mundane and completely forgettable but sometimes there are moments that you want to remember. and that’s why i blog. i blog to write how i felt at a particular moment in my life so that someday when i’m looking back i can be able to rekindle the feelings that that memory evokes. and i can just laugh at how ma-drama i once was. :))

the problem with blogging though is that other people get to read about your life which is kinda irritating at times because then they know when you’re happy and when you’re just pretending to be happy. i know, i know, a true friend should be able to tell that even without reading updates from your blog but a true friend would let you live in your “fake” world until you’re ready to talk about it too. 😀

also, the problem with having a public blog is that it’s *gasp* public. a part of my blogging world came down on me when i discovered that the guy i was writing about was actually reading my blog. :S while i knew that my blog wasn’t much of secret, i didn’t think he would actually be reading it. however, i do not apologize for anything i’ve written. we all know that blogs, although public, are like personal diaries where we can vent our feelings. one thing i like about wordpress is the fact that i can password protect some really private posts, but i still get to post them. in some way i get some satisfaction from the fact that my entry is out there, just not readable to everyone.

and so, i will continue to blog and i will continue to write what i feel. i encourage you guys to do the same too! 😉