malakas at maganda finals

yes, another ultimate league under my belt. it was fun although our losses were really disappointing at times. pero okay lang, still had so much fun playing! here are some important stuff i learned throughout the league:

  • i could play savage. yey! may endurance na ako. running nalang. hehehe.
  • i love extra joss! sarap! hehehe. plus it really helps with the stamina.
  • kaya ko na mag semi side layout at lumuhod. basta bumibigay nalang bigla ang tuhod ko.
  • kaya ko rin i-defend si angge. na-D ko siya mga 6 times throughout the league.
  • i still can’t throw a proper hammer during a game. but at least i’m getting there.
  • i have to learn how to throw hucks.
  • pag-bad mood ako pangit yung laro ko. as in bad throws all around.

yes, boracay open naman! tapos summer league!!! wee… super saya! i love this game sobra! :))

malakas at maganda party

remind me never to drink again. grabe! where do i begin?

  1. i kissed marin (smack lang) twice! :S yeah, i do have a crush on the little boy but he’s so much younger than me that i do not really have any other designs on him but just as a friend. shetness! buti nalang walang pic! or may pic ba?


  2. i was pulling down my skirt and flashing some friends with my new tat. (yes, i got a tat. :P) it’s not much of a secret anymore. hehehe.


  3. i was drinking pretty much anything being given to me. :)) that’s me with a tanduay bottle. nasty stuff! blech!


  4. i was hugging lots of people. but there was one person i wasn’t letting go of anymore. bad bad! 😦 haay… buti nalang wala talagang pic nun.
  5. i started crying and pouring my heart out to strangers. :S waaah!!!
  6. i puked when i got to jencarps place. pero konti lang.

i guess the hard part of a hangover is not the puking part but the bits and pieces of the night before that you start remember. :S gah! i kept on staring into space and saying, hindi na ako iinom ulit! but i doubt that. hehehe.

that was one of the most fun parties i ever attended! too bad, i turned into a blubbering idiot. :S hehehe.


shet, bacolod and boracay here i come!!! >:D<