almost lover by a fine frenzy 

goodbye, my almost lover
goodbye, my hopeless dream
i’m trying not to think about you
can’t you just let me be?
so long, my luckless romance
my back is turned on you
should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
almost lovers always do

did i make it that
easy to walk right in and out
of my life?

i think this is a beautiful song. we’re now at a period where gray-area relationships are the norm, the it’s-complicated-parang-kami-na-hindi-pa-kami type. i mean, what is that really? it’s either you are a couple or not. but who am i to critize right?! suki ako ng ano ba kami? relationships. hehehe 😉

what’s so hard about these kind of relationships is that when it ends your left with the big question of what the hell was that? i mean, you never were a couple but you were almost one. so when you look back and reminisce you think, technically i can’t call him an ex but i did have feelings for him and we had a “thing”.

maybe that’s why i find this song so appealing because it’s true. should’ve known you’d bring me heartache almost lovers always do.

whatever it takes by lifehouse

she said, “if we’re gonna make this work
you gotta to let me inside even though it hurts
don’t hide the broken parts that i need to see.”
she said, “like it or not, it’s the way it’s gotta be
you’ve gotta love yourself if you can ever love me.”

i’ll do whatever it takes to turn this around
i know what’s at stake, i know that i’ve let you down
and you if give me a chance, believe that i could change
i’ll keep us together whatever it takes

i think this is such a sweet song. don’t you love it when men admit they’re wrong and try to win you back? 😀 i find this song so endearing. believe me, if someone sang things to me i’d be… what did you do wrong again? hehehe. and well, i forgot to mention, the lead singer is really really really hot! :))