first of all, happy birthday ius!!! mwah! :*

now on to the updates…

it’s about 1:35 am and i’m still online because the data load process i normally do on mondays is taking especially long today. 😦 good thing i had a good night’s sleep last night.

malakas at maganda, day 2


still not scoring… lost to ‘lil miss sp and masters with a devastating score of 13-0. played savage in the first game, but had to sub out for one point in the second game after running after manay more the 3 times. apparently, my scream was heard from across the field! :)) hehehe. kamusta naman sa mismatch noh? hindi ko talaga kaya si manay! :)) had one good D against masters though. 😉 one more positive outcome from sunday was having some of the sp girls congratulate us (melai, jen, me, pia) on the handling. yey! at least i’m doing something good. now, we just have to find a way to score! :)) but who cares we’re having fun anyway!

speaking of fun, the guys played against two teams with some of my ultimate crushies. wow, heaven! hehehe. we kept on shouting to the guys to force home so that our crushes would be a lot closer. 😉 teehee!!!

alternative shopping

oh no! i discovered shopping through multiply and ebay. just when i thought i was curbing my shopaholic tendencies, i find a new way to shop. so far, i’ve only bought a victoria’s secret bag. but i’ve pre-ordered 3 victoria’s secret bikinis and i’m waiting for feedbank on sunglasses, boardshorts and other beach attire. ooops!!! :S well, they’re all on my shopping list for february anyway. 😛

tattoo envy

i just discovered that doc had a tattoo done on her back last january. i’m so jealous!!! i really want one! it’s even in my list of things to do before i die, which i haven’t been updating. oops! hehehe. will have to grill doc more on the details because now i’m thinking of getting one before our boracay trip para ma-display diba? :)) i’ve been searching the web for tattoo designs and i have a few that i really am liking.

hmmm… i guess last year really was a turning point for me. now, i’m more open to discovering new stuff. maybe, getting my heart broken wasn’t such a bad idea. 😉 now all i have to do is get completely over that him and i’ll be fine again. 😀

now that’s done, it’s back to work for me! 😛