Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Starring: Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman
Director: Ang Lee
Tagline: Lose your heart and come to your senses.

i love this scene! elinor (emma thompson) had fallen in love with edward (hugh grant) during his brief stay in her father’s estate. however, despite his actions he didn’t profess his feelings for her then. she, being the head of the family, had to remain sensible and kept the pain locked inside. circumstances make her believe that he married a woman he was engaged to. during this visit, after she learns that he isn’t married, all the emotions she’s been holding inside finally break through. i love the way you can feel the immense weight of emotions she has kept inside this entire time.

i had to share this scene because as i said before i love piano scenes. :)) 

on the other side of the story is marianne, the rash and passionate younger sister, who falls in love with a man who ends up breaking her heart.

what i love about this story is the fact that the sensible sister ends up marrying for passionate love while the passionate sister ends up settling for amiable love. maybe settling is the wrong word, but i can’t think of another word that fits it as well.

i’ve always wondered which type of sister i’d be… the sensible one or the one ruled by her senses?