mommy was here last week so i spent more time at home. i got to watch a few games of the australian open. sharapova and djokovic won. yey for novak! i brought mommy and ayn to cyma since both haven’t eaten there yet. shame shame! :)) mommy was in the cleaning mode so now i have a new dresser table to put all my kikay stuff in. yey!

atonement & once

finally napanood ko na ang atonement. it was beautiful. i don’t think it’ll win the oscar but it is indeed a very beautifully made film… from the cinematography to the costumes to the acting to the score. oh, the score! ang ganda! sobra! now, i really want to buy the OST…

i bought once because i read in a blog that it was a good movie. when my sister heard it she was so happy because apparently she’s been wanting to watch it for a while. so na-excite narin ako. i trust my sister’s taste in movies a lot. it was really nice. the love story simple yet poignant. what was really nice though, was the soundtrack!!! if you are a fan of damien rice, you are going to love this soundtrack. no no no, it’s not damien rice who wrote the soundtrack but it’s that kind of music. here’s the song that’s nominated for the oscar…

games that never amount
to more than they’re meant
will play themselves out

malakas at maganda, day 1


yey! league na ulit!!! sundays have become pretty boring since the last league in november. i was so excited for the sunday games that i found it hard to sleep on saturday night.

my first reaction when we got to alabang country club was shit! ang laki ng field! hehehe. i chose to play with my old team, jogadores, this league. our official team name for this league is ultimate undercats. cute jersey namin, white with eyes of a cat na pink and yellow. hehehe.

kulelat kami. we lost to merriam 8-1 and flag footed 13-0. yes, zero! :)) grabe, sakit sa pride na matalo ng ganun pero okay lang. yung goal naman ng team namin is to learn sa league na ito eh. 10 lang kami naglaro kahapon which meant hindi ako nakasub except for one measly point. thank God for extrajoss and the power of mind of matter at nakaya ko naman yung laro kahapon.

despite the fact na talunan kami, i had so much fun! i love ultimate so so much! masaya talaga! may mga super palpak throws ako but i think i did well. at at at… na-D ko si angge ng maraming beses!!! hehehe. sulit na ako dun! 😀 have to think of a way to improve our game as a team para hindi naman ganun kababa yung score namin the next time lalo na’t mas mahirap pa yung competitors namin in the coming weeks. :S

after the games, we had dinner sa amici! grabe, busog! bawi rin lahat nung tinakbo ko for the day. :S but i earned that pigout!!!

can’t wait for next sunday! hehehe.