Onegin (1999)

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler
Director: Martha Fiennes

Onegin: tell me that you love me
Tatyana: i loved you once a long time ago 
O: then you haven’t forgotten?
T: no
O: tatiana, i beg you. be with me.
T: you told me once that my heart would heal, so would yours.
O: and has it healead? has your heart healed?
T: oh god, it hurts.
O: why does it hurt?
T: because you are too late.
O: save me, save me.
T: i cannot save you.
O: tell me that you love me. please tell me. lie to me. tell me that you love me.
T: i love you, i do. i love you.

this is melodrama at its finest. i watched this movie only once but the memory of this scene has stayed with me. it really is heartbreaking.

let me provide you with the storyline just in case you plan to watch this movie… Onegin is a bored aristocrat from St. Petersburg. he meets Tatyana during a visit to an estate he inherited from his uncle. Tatyana falls in love with him and writes him a love letter. but he rejects her feelings for him. six years later they meet again and Tatyana is married to an old friend. he finds her irresistable and now pines after her. this scene i shared is the final scene. this movie is based on an epic russian poem by Alexander Pushkin.

this gives a different perspective to you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. 😉