sporty me 

my body hurts because of too much physical activity last week. i don’t know what’s gotten into me but i’ve been bitten by the exercise bug. my sked last week was:

monday: salsa
tuesday: ultimate
wednesday: jogging
thursday: ultimate
friday: sexy hiphop
saturday: ultimate
sunday: ultimate

tonight, i’m going to salsa class again. yey! joy will be sitting in to see if she wants to enroll next month. 😀

don’t be fooled by the jogging. i’m really not a fan. but i need to make it a habit if i want to improve my endurance in a game.

ultimate is once again getting very challenging for me. the men’s/women’s league is coming up next week and for the past few trainings i’ve been running after guys. while running after guys may sound like fun, it’s really not. it’s challenging though. 😉 hopefully, all that running will pay off during the league. woohoo!!! this weekend na yun!!! i’m so excited!!! 😀 and scared!!! :S

gossip girl

i spent last night watching gossip girl episodes. i’m hooked! it’s not as witty as gilmore girls or veronica mars but it’s fun to watch. plus the clothes are amazingly beautiful!

i have a crush on dan because he has such a nice low voice and super bait nung character niya. but i’m so loving the chuck-blair love team. yeah, so he is an ass but i think he really does cares for her. promise, kinikilig ako sa kanila. i think reforming the rake (bad boy) is probably my favorite love story plot. please please, sana tumigil na yung writer’s strike para tuloy-tuloy ang gossip girl fun!

careful B, there’s no safe wager when you bet on a Bass. you just might lose your shirt and your pants!

love it!



P.S. oh, i’m counting down my favorite romantic movie scenes! i just have to finalize my list! 😉