i currently have a sexy bedroom voice because despite the fact that i was feeling sick i didn’t spend the weekend resting my cold. hmm… a lot happened the past week. i don’t know where to start…

a crying encounter

i had a very interesting talk with the person i wrote this entry for. this blog has been public for quite a while and it’s linked to most of the network sites i’m in: friendster, multiply, facebook and twitter. but i never assumed that he read my blog since he never reacted on anything else i’ve been writing so far. so i was shocked when during our “talk” that he had actually read the most recent entries of my blog.

the scene: a parked car. a girl hunched over crying her eyes out. a guy with his arms around her consoling her.

it’s amazing how inarticulate one can get when caught off guard. there i was incoherently babbling and trying so hard to breathe. i was a mess! but i think i got my message through.

one more thing, i do not apologize for writing what i wrote. this is my blog. i express my  feelings here. i never mentioned your name or the actual details of what happened between us. i know you promised not to read this blog anymore out of respect for my privacy but it really doesn’t matter to me if you read it or not.

shopaholics in shangrila

rissa, joy and i went shopping in shangrila last sunday. i think we spent the same amount of time eating and shopping. which means our money not only went to clothes but also to food. which is always good. we had lunch at sumo-san, dessert at cibo then joy had merienda at kfc. ang takaw ni joy! 😛 hehehe.

here’s was my shopping damage from last sunday:

  • short, brown, schoolgirl skirt from mango
  • green “prince charming” tank from U2
  • 1 white and 1 black polo from zara
  • 1 red polo from promod (which i bought in trinoma after joy and i parted ways) :S hehehe.

at least i was able to feed my shopping bug this month. i’ll be putting aside money every month to appease my inner shopaholic monster but i’ll be trying my best to live within my means and learn how to budget my money and just say no to beautiful clothes, shoes, bags, etc…

dirty dancing

i love my salsa class! i love love love it! the steps are getting a bit complicated and i’m just on my 2nd class. next month, i think i’m going to be dropping my sexy hiphop class and enrolling in 2 latin classes. so come march, i’ll be able to enroll for salsa with partners. yey! kaso wala pa akong partner. sana available pa si diego luna or gael garcia bernal. 😉 hehehe.

someday i’ll be able to do this…

and this…

and this…

personal finance

i’ve never been good with money. i’m a self-confessed shopaholic. i’m not as bad as becky bloomwood yet but i know i could be. last night i met with a Sunlife agent so i can start putting my money in a savings account which i will not be touching. i’m putting 20% of my salary in this fund and i’m also putting some of my saved money into a mutual fund. hopefully, this gets the saving bug into me.

one of my goals for this year is to learn how to spend my money wisely. my mom and i had a talk last night on the phone. she was concerned about the amount i was pledging to this saving account. i told her, i was earning too much and that if i didn’t start learning how to save my money now i might never learn. the way i see it, my salary has no way to go but up which is a very good thing except for the images of clothes and shoes that keep dancing around in my brain. so from now on, i’m dedicating 20% of my salary into a savings/insurance account which i’m not supposed to touch.

i really hope this is the start of a good habit! 😀