gardenia – mandy moore 

Everything I lost seems so different
Well, this is how everybody gets found

it’s nice to see how much mandy moore has transformed. a more mature, self-assured woman has replaced the once-bubblegum pop princess.

i’m not a big fan of mandy moore but there are a couple songs of hers that i always end up liking. this is turning out to be one of my favorites. i have to admit the first time i heard it i thought it was a bit too melodramatic. but the more i listened to it, i learned to like the message of the song.

the song is about how she found herself after a breakup. i like how honest it is. i’m the one who likes to make love on the floor. she got a lot of feedback from that line. i remember her telling tyra banks that there’s no shame in those words. she’s 23 and an adult who can make her own decisions. well, good for her! i’ve been watching lots of her live performances of this song, and she normally cries at the end. she even said in one performance that singing the song brings her back to the time when she wrote it.

chasing pavements – adele

should i give up
or should i just keep chasing pavements
even if they lead nowhere?

leo shared this video in his blog last year but i only got to watch it recently. aside from the fact that the choreography in her music video is very amusing, the song itself is nice.

once again the eternal question of holding on or letting go is posed in this song. hmm… so ano nga ba dapat gagawin ko? hehehe.

9 crimes – damien rice

is that alright?
give my gun away when it’s loaded
is that alright?
if u don’t shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
is that alright?
give my gun away when it’s loaded
is that alright
with you?

i’ve been discovering damien rice’s songs little by little. first there was the blower’s daughter from the movie closer, then volcano whose lyrics i fell instantly in love with after reading it in my sister’s blog, then rootless tree which doc jaybee suggested i listen to. this song i discovered through a post bebs posted this in his blog a few days ago. the first time i listened to this song by damien rice was during the holiday break while watching the live from abbey road show on tv. i didn’t pay that much attention to the lyrics or the song. but after watching this video, i got a bit creeped out and researched the lyrics. it then dawned to me how much beautiful the metaphor used in this song is.

the “loaded gun” in the song and the “balloon” in the video can both symbolize love and how fragile it can be. the loaded gun can be fired and the balloon can burst at any moment. perhaps the song is between two lovers who have come to the realization that it is over between them. perhaps it’s about a guy cheating on his girlfriend or vice versa. i’m not really sure. this is one of those songs where you just have to chalk it up to personal interpretations.

i love that it ends with a no…