…and i haven’t even watched it yet! yes, i’ve read the book which i had a hard time reading. great plot but the writing style just wasn’t for me.


the music in this trailer is just beautiful. i’ve been listening to it almost the entire day and i’m still getting goosebumps. i’ve already found the titles of two of the songs used in the trailer: “the vision” and “breathing space” both by x-ray dog. here are the full-length versions (wag niyo nalang pansinin yung images):

the vision

breathing space

galing noh? pero nakakatakot website nila and album covers. hehehe.

you can download the music in limewire or here. 🙂

one more thing i’m obsessed with is keira’s dress…

isn’t that absolutely stunning? i want one made for myself! hehehe.