here’s to the year that was!

i worked. i danced. i sang. i let go of my first love.  i played ultimate, sometimes well, sometimes not. i went to boracay twice. i went skinny dipping.  i partied. i got so drunk i forgot what i did the night before. i got so drunk i threw a brat attack. i had my hair cut really short. i gained weight. i lost weight. i climbed up hero’s peak in the great wall of china. i got into lomography. i bought lots of cameras. i’ve taken lots of pictures. i’ve learned to drive properly. i fell in love. i wrote love letters. i got my heart broken. i took risks and fell flat on my face but i picked myself up. i’ve strengthened old friendships and made new ones.

all-in-all it’s been a full-packed year for me, a year of firsts. but it’s been fun! i hope this next year will turn out to be as much of a roller coaster ride as the last one. life would be so boring if it isn’t! 😉