jello shots 

weee! i know how to make jello shots! and they’re not bad. sabi nga ni kim parang dessert lang. hehehe. 😉


i’m wearing glasses again. i had my eyes checked last sunday and the doctor said my astigmatism was getter greater so now i have to wear glasses at all times and not just when in front of a computer. i didn’t know how blurry my vision was becoming till i got these new glasses. apparently, the colors that i was seeing were already muted. :S

joga oldies christmas party

i had two parties last saturday: the joga oldies christmas party and the toda christmas party. so sad that i had to stay just a short time at the joga oldies party. hindi ko na nga naabutan si melai, jencarps, taty&marcus, etc. 😥 buti nalang may inuman tomorrow night! 😀

toda christmas party

after the joga oldies christmas party, my mode of transportation to the toda christmas party was by taxi (what’s new?). it’s been pretty hard getting cabs nowadays because of the holiday rush. so there i was standing in shaw boulevard carrying a cake in one arm and two bottles of vodka in a bag slung over my shoulder. finally, a cab took notice of me. i had to agree to paying him 50 more to bring me to bok&sym’s place but i readily agreed because no other cabs were free. anyway, when i got in the cab driver told me that the reason he stopped for me was that he thought i was pregnant. :)) grabe reaction ko! hehehe. manong, hindi ah! buksan niyo pa ilaw! ohwell, at least sinakay niya ako.

my thoughts for a penny

so fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
and all we’ve been through
i said leave it, leave it, leave it
it’s nothing to you
and if you hate me, hate me, hate me
then hate me so good that you can let me out
let me out of this hell when you’re around

~ Rootless Tree, Damien Rice

because i couldn’t resist

sorry, for the late update. medyo nakakatamad mag-update ng blog with everything that’s been happening lately. i’m so looking forward to going home to davao this saturday! 🙂

holler if you want suha! hehehe. 😉