i’ve been wanting to watch enchanted since first watching it’s trailer. and i wasn’t disappointed. it’s no oscar contender but it has everything i like in a movie:

  • romance;
  • a prince and princess (i remember once telling jb&claire that i only like watching cartoons with princes and princesses. hehehe);
  • a handsome leading man (i think it is pretty much undeniable that patrick demsey is hot! it helps that james marsden is also very cute.);
  • a song and dance scene;
  • funny/witty dialogue; and
  • a happy ending

i really was looking forward to the singing. i’ve loved james marsden’s voice since ally mcbeal. too bad he was playing a lost albeit charming prince. patrick dempsey was a lot more crushable then james was here. i was also very suprised to see idina menzel play nancy. (in case you don’t know, she played the original elphaba in the broadway play wicked.) i was expecting her to sing at any moment. actually i was hoping that she’d have a singing part but she didn’t. too bad ‘coz i love her voice too.

what suprised me the most were my averse reactions to giselle’s idea of love. i shared more of mcdreamy’s opinions which got me thinking, when did i start becoming so cynical towards love? when did i stop believing in fairy tales and happily-ever-afters?

i still remember one ym conversation with melai a few months ago where she asked me if i still believed in fate and destiny. i remember saying yes with conviction. but now, i’m not so sure anymore. i can honestly say that i still believe in true love, i’m just doubting if i’ll ever find it. the way i see it, decent and sincere guys are one in a million while guys that are bound to break your heart and screw with your feelings are abundant. my philosophy was once “innocent until proven guilty”. now it’s “guilty until proven innocent”. there are a lot of guys who would lie just to get what they want from you. sad but true.

and i’m not saying all of us women are angels who don’t screw with men’s feelings. yes, there are a lot of bitches out there too. but i honestly believe that the assholes outnumber the bitches.

so there, the hopeless romantic has turned into a full-blown cynic. i’m not sure if i’ll turn into a bitch yet. maybe yes, hopefully not. i sincerely pray that me and all my wonderful girl friends will find guys who’ll treat us right.