this is probably the most unusual batch of songs to be put together. hehehe.

1. just take my heart when you go by mr. big

just take my heart when you go
i don’t have the need for it anymore
i’ll always love you but you’re too hard to hold
just take my heart when you go

i really am not a big rock fan but when i heard this for the first time during the pua saturday spirits party at handle bar makati, i fell in love. here’s the version of the band that performed last saturday. the band’s name is natf and they are really good.

2. you give me something by james morrison

for every piece of me that wants you
another piece backs away

i love the lyrics of this song. even the melody is good. i like the way the song captures the feeling of uncertainty during the beginning of a relationship.

3. gimme more by britney spears

gimme gimme more gimme more
gimme gimme more

what can i say? it’s britney spears, bitch! a very addicting song. the beat is amazing! 😛