a lot of things happened over the weekend… my office teambuilding at boracay and spirits 2007! both were very fun activites but overall very tiring. my legs are hurting so much because of all the activity.

spent most of the time indoors in boracay. we either had to practice for our team presentations or i was too tired (meaning, hung over) to go out. but the nights were fun! hehehe. so much fun that my cellphone was stolen. :S but i’m getting ahead of myself. i left stormy manila for sun shiny boracay last thursday. good thing our flight was early because the flights after us were all delayed due to zero visibility. this meant i was able to spend most of thursday morning in the beach. and boy was it beautiful. the beach was so clear, the sky was blue and there were only a few people. by lunch most of the delayed flights had arrived. after eating, we had a meeting then practices for the evening presentations. i had to sing one song (someone to watch over me) solo then sing another song (part of your world) as the little mermaid in our team presentation. so far no pics of that yet but i’ll post them as soon as meron. rochelle, eddie boy and i decided to ditch the videoke thing after presentations and walk all the way to station one for some good dancing. that was fun. i miss dancing!

day 2 in boracay was spent running around boracay for our “amazing race” event. kamusta naman sa itakbo galing boracay regency papuntang cocomangas diba? grabe kapagod. we were able to swim after that though. super heaven talaga ang tubig! 🙂 after lunch, i proceeded to practice for our pussycat doll performance. so ayun, nakakulong ako the entire afternoon. before we knew it dinner na then we had to perform. i promised myself i had to get liquored up before that performance but there was no time. i just had one beer before performing. so i was the “shy” pussycat doll. i would tuck my hair behind my ears after every sexy move i made. hehehe. super hiya ko talaga. but i did the moves! gosh, in one move i even had to straddle a chair! did i mention i was wearing an extremely short skirt. funny thing is i decided to wear a yellow bikini bottom to match my yellow sports bra instead of wearing black panties. i thought i practiced straddling a chair well enough not to show my underwear pero kita parin pala. haay… we won that performance. honestly, i don’t know what i would’ve done if we didn’t win that. career yun eh! sobra. after they gave us the award, they made us perform again. super kakahiya talaga! but oh well, fun parin naman eh. i just wish i was a bit drunk before doing what i did so that my shame didn’t show so much in my face.

after that we went partying at the bar beside our hotel. since super natuwa sa amin ang officemates namin, grabe ang demand namin for pictures and for dances. hay naku, sumakit tuhod ko sa kaka-lower noh! but i never knew i could dip that low. (insert pic – sorry, to follow) after this party, an officemate and i decided to walk to cocomangas to party some more. but when we got there it was closed so we decided to go for a night swim instead. stupid us left our stuff by the shore. when we got back, it was all gone. i’m talking clothes and cellphones. the clothes were recovered but my cellphone was not. oo, nawalan ako ng cellphone. kaya kung nagttext kayo sa akin at hindi ako nagrreply, sorry! but please don’t erase that number because that’s still my number. i’m just waiting for the sim card to arrive from davao. buti nalang kamo at hindi kami nag skinny dipping. 😉 hehehe. we got home at 6am i think. i fell into bed as soon as i got back to the hotel and woke up 3 hours later really really hungry. so after eating a very big breakfast i went back to the hotel room to pack my stuff. i really wanted to go swimming again but my stomach turned queasy on me, so i decided not to anymore. after lunch, i left boracay for manila.

so there’s the story of my bora trip. too much time indoors and too little time under the sun. it’s no wonder i didn’t get too tanned while i was there. but at least pantay na kulay ko. i was able to take some picture but i got bored. kakatamad rin considering all we had to do.

after i arrived from boracay, i started packing for spirits naman. us north friends decided to stay in a hotel in makati so it wouldn’t be so hard for us to travel all the way to alabang. i was able to watch a the first part of devil wears prada before going to the hotel we were checking in to. i want to go shopping for dresses!!! anyway, shortly after i arrived at the hotel, we went to the saturday party at handlebar makati. super galing nung band. they played rock songs but boy were they amazing! kaya ngayon ang mga LSS songs ko are the rock songs they sang. galing talaga! i’m trying to get their number so that i could try to book them for our department christmas party. 😀

sunday i woke up with really painful legs. doing a pussycat doll performance then dancing the night away is not really good for my bad knees. spirits was fun despite the pain. i love our new jersey. beautiful! beautiful! i played an okay game i guess. wala akong practice so i had nerves. some of my passes were okay some were abysmal. my running was suprisingly good though. pero shempre, napagod ako eventually sa last game. my crush from last year was there but i was too tired to notice. hehehe. sorry. wala ako mashado makwento about spirits. was too tired from boracay. pero shempre since adik ako ng larong ito, naglaro parin ako! hehehe. i love ultimate! 😀

so there’s my weekend update. in paragraph form kasi mahirap i-bullets yan. :))