• seems like i won’t be able to show my face at work after the boracay teambuilding this november. kamusta naman sa over-exposure noh?! i will be the little mermaid for the team presentation (bawal lip synch). then for the new hire presentation, my group has to imitate the pussycat dolls (pwede lip synch). then i’m part of the SAS (shared applications services) idol finalists. waaah!!!
  • my “pussycat dolls” team met last saturday and we decided on giving this thing our all since we’d be making fools of ourselves any way. this is the performance we plan to imitate. believe it or not we’ve almost perfected the ending part. hehehe.
  • i went all the way to sucat to get my new lomo camera… meet the diana… isn’t she cute? i still plan to buy the holga again since it really is nice. i also want the fisheye, LC-A and colorsplash. i want to buy holga filters and a ringflash and a colorsplash flash too! gosh, expensive hobby….. tsk tsk tsk… 😀


  • my aunt just arrived from the states with my student prince dvd! yey! unfortunately, red hot didn’t reach her in time so i’ll probably get that on december. oh well….. 
  • i learned (the hard way) that even the nicest guy can turn out to be the biggest ASSHOLE