In some deep place in her heart, Caroline Tisha had kept alive the silly romantic notion that somehow David Henry Anton ***** had once known her as no one else ever could. But it was not true. He had never even glimpsed her.
~ The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

so true. perhaps this still pertains perfectly to anton and not *****. ***** has known me too short for me to say this about him.

i emailed anton about a month ago regarding my beijing trip. he hasn’t replied yet. i gave him my number just in case so he could contact me there. i’m crossing my fingers that somehow we’d be able to meet while i’m there. but i’m not betting on it.

i think sometimes we women expect too much from men. we think that since we notice the small things that they would too. but they don’t. maybe we should start spelling things out for them in big bold letters so that they’d get it, donchathink?

*with apologies Kim Edwards for murdering the quote.