yes, this will be another new feature for this blog. a weekend update that hopefully i’ll be able to post every monday. 🙂

  • i’m back from my 3-day stay in davao. such a short but much needed vacation.
  • i can drive now. well, maybe only in davao for the meantime.
  • arlene is married and i’m still single.
  • i brought back 15 kilos of suha with me. it’ll be gone in a few days.
  • stupid me left her holga camera at the back of a cab in davao. blame it on gin premium, 2 hot topless ultimate players and a few sticks of marlboro. (yes, somehow i’ve taken up the art of smoking when drunk. hmmm… sino kaya ang nag-impluwensya sa akin nito noh? rose? joy?)
  • i’m still unsure if i should be feeling super depressed about wrong stupid decisions i’ve made for the past few months. i hope i can decide how i feel in the next few days.
  • ayn was able to order the two dvds i’ve been gushing about these past few days… the student prince and red hot. i’m counting down the days till i have them in my arms.

i’m super busy with work (what’s new?!) that i can’t even update my blog so please standby for a better account of my davao trip. 😉