i’m officially making thursday the day i post the songs that i’m currently addicted to. sometimes when i really like a song, it’s all i’ll listen to. ask my sister, she’ll vouch for that. hehehe. these are the songs that i’ve been listening to over and over again this week.

1. favorite game – the cardigans

i had a vision i could turn you right
a stupid mission and a lethal fight
i should have seen it when my hope was new
my heart is black and my body is blue

2. lovefool – the cardigans

love me, love me (say that you love me)
fool me, fool me (go on and fool me)
love me, love me (i know that you need me)
i can’t care ’bout anything but you..

3. erase/rewind – the cardigans

yes, i said it’s fine before
i don’t think so no more
i said it’s fine before
i’ve changed my mind
i take it back

4. good girl gone bad – rihanna

easy for a good girl to go bad
and once we gone (gone)
best believe we gone forever
don’t be the reason
don’t be the reason
you better learn how to treat us right
cause once a good girl goes bad
we die forever

5. you remind me – usher (mtv duets version)

the first 3 songs were influenced by jaeb and claire during the ride from alabang country club to doc jaybee’s place. i just heard good girl gone bad lunchtime today while shopping in rustans and i downloaded it as soon as i got back to the office. the mtv usher duet is something i’ve been looking for a while now. last night while downloading songs i remembered it and was so happy when it finally was available in limewire.

so there you go, the only 5 songs i’m listening to right now. 😉