my new pictures arrived last friday!!! they’re better than the last set. one roll even had all 12 pictures developed. in fairness, nice yung pictures. pero ang tanga ko kasi i didn’t take note of what settings i used when shooting them so ngayon hindi ko parin alam kung papaano ko nakukuha ang ganitong pics. hehehe. parang miracle parin na i actually took the pics. for the next roll of shots i promise to take note of settings na. :))

so far the subjects of my pictures have been inaminate objects around the house, views from the lrt and mrt, and shots taken in instituto cervantes. i’ve taken pics of people but they’re not coming out properly. hmmm… :S

here are a few of my favorites from each batch.

pics from instituto cervantes

pics taken while commuting

pics from around the house

this is my favorite picture. at first i actually didn’t know what the hell it was. hahaha. this is a picture of a world cup puzzle that we brought home from europe. i used the B-setting and held the shutter for i think 40seconds. it’s so cool that the light is actually purple.