i finished reading this book this morning while on the jeep to my office. i took it out of my sister’s bookshelf on a whim because i needed something to read on the commute to work. and i was suprised on how good it was and how easy it was to read.

it’s a story about a girl, Elizabeth, and the loves of her life Max and Horace, and how their lives intertwine. it’s quite a simple story but it is written very well. amy bloom captures the feelings of love, heartbreak, devastation and even sex very vividly.

there was one line that really captured my attention…

i loved showing him my worst self because there were no consequences. he couldn’t help how much he loved me.

she was talking about Max, her teacher who was at least 20 years older than her at that time. he was so in love and obsessed with her while she was just tolerating him.

what i thought in relation to these lines was out of the context to that of the story in the book…

wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who you can be your worst self with and he’d still love you anyway?

just a thought.