i was able to read the book prior to watching to movie thanks to my sister. and although the movie was quite different from the book, it was still very funny and entertaining.

training was cancelled last night because our field was flooded and i was happy enough to suggest that we all watch stardust as an alternative. at first i thought there’d only be four of us watching but our final count for the night was twelve. kamusta naman sa fieldtrip?! hahaha.

hay naku, ang ingay ni joy!!! as soon as tristan, played by charlie cox, got a makeover she couldn’t stop gushing about him. kamusta naman sa super kinikilig sa lahat ng scenes!?! grabe, mas gusto ko pa ata pag tulog si joy. hehehe.

oh well, tinatamad ako gumawa ng review. basta it’s a good film. not the same as the book but when is an adaptation ever perfectly in sync with it’s book.

one thing came to mind the entire movie though:

note to self: if a guy wants to catch a falling star for you, don’t let him. he might end up falling in love with her. 😀