That’s the closest to my idea of love: watching the skyline, making out, making mistakes, making believe desire means it’s with somebody else, then breaking up, and, if we’re lucky, forgiveness that comes right before take-off. There, I’ve said it. What more can one want? A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin.
~ The Muse This Time by R Zamora Linmark

hmm… it seems like love and relationships are hot topics for me right now. most of the conversations i’ve been having with friends are about those topics. maybe because it’s already the end of september and Christmas is already lurking in the horizon. it’s always during Christmas when you feel the loneliest. is it because of the cold? or just the thought that it’s a holiday supposed to be spent with someone you love.

just this afternoon a friend shared with me her qualifications for a guy. and i shared mine back. although this is just an impromptu list. 🙂

1. max of +12 years age difference. ayoko sa mas bata!

2. mas matangkad dapat sa akin. since 5’1″ ako madali lang yun. hehehe.

3. plays at least one musical instrument. oks lang kahit guitar (that’s why i didn’t learn the guitar, para naman yung guy yun) sana maganda rin ang boses, not required. pero sana lang. hehehe.

4. is very well read. we don’t need to have the same taste in books pero better if he likes some of the authors i like, like neruda, rilke, shakespeare, etc.

5. knows his broadway and classical music. he doesn’t have to like it pero dapat makausap ko siya about stuff like this. kasi dito talaga ako passionate. as much as possible dapat talaga magka-wavelength kami dito.

6. he doesn’t have to be smarter than me. oks lang rin kahit tatanga-tanga (si anton tatanga-tanga eh.) basta wag lang yung super bobo.

7. looks don’t really matter. kahit malakas rin mangasar yung friends ko, basta attracted ako sa kanya kebs sa iba. hehehe.

8. he should be able to laugh at himself. coz i laugh at myself a whole lot. hehehe. dapat magka-wavelength yung sense of humor namin.

9. dapat financially stable siya and well-off. kasi i want to be a housewife. hehehe.

10. dapat religious. para mapakilala ko kay daddy. hehehe.

(11. kung pwede talaga foreigner para super ganda ng kids ko. hehehe.)

this is the exact email i sent my friend. although A lover who loves me as much as the rain. Rain, and, from the opening credits to the closing heart, Gershwin. still sounds a lot better. i lack the gift of words to create something as nice as that. and that’s all i could come up with, a checklist. hehehe.

so kung may kilala kayo who fit that description, please refer them to me. 😉