some friends and i watched avenue q last friday at the rcbc theater. and i was pleasantly suprised by the entire production. we were seated at the balcony, way up high, because we’re all cheap bastards who didn’t want to pay more than 500 bucks to watch the play. hehehe. at first i was thinking, oh no! we’re too high to see anything, but when the play started it was alright. looking back i still would not have spent more than what i spent to watch the thing. 😀

i didn’t listen to the libretto before watching so i really didn’t know anything of the plot or the songs. all i knew was that there would be puppets. 😉 i honestly was expecting it to be this funny and yet shallow play with puppets, but as soon as the lead puppet started singing What Do You Do With a B.A. in English? / It Sucks to Be Me i knew it wasn’t going to be shallow.

the play revolves around a group of odd characters all living in avenue q. each of them trying to find their PURPOSE in life. a fresh graduate, an american-japanese couple, a sweet grade school teacher, gary coleman (apparently a has-been child actor), a reclusive monster, and a closet gay guy and his roommate who happens to be the object of his affection.

the play tackled the questions i’m currently asking right now. and also tackled some of the social issues in the world, such as racism, homosexuality, sex and porn.

the play would’ve been a lot more fun without the direct hits it sent my way. at one point, joy even told me tish, ikaw talaga yan! referring to kate monster, the school teacher who got a bit confused after falling for her new neighbor, the fresh graduate. then there was pia who kept on tsk tsk tsk-ing when a particular song line described my current situation in life.

here are a few lines that i liked and a few that hit home…

I’m kinda pretty, and pretty damn smart.
I like romantic things like music and art.
And as you know I have a gigantic heart.
So why, don’t I have a boyfriend?

~ Kate Monster, It Sucks To Be Me

yes, i know. i keep on asking that question. pero nakakapagtaka naman talaga eh. hahaha.

A mix tape.
He made me a mix tape.
He was thinking of me,
which shows he cares!
Sometimes when someone
has a crush on you
they’ll make you a mix tape
to give you a clue.

~ Kate Monster, Mix Tape

this was especially funny coz i had just given a guy a mixed cd before the performance. remember my ticket to jail crush, well, he joined us that night. and so i made him a mixed cd of songs from beauty & the beast: of love and hope (the tv series ha) and some forbidden broadway songs. and i gave it to him in front of all my friends while we were hanging out in starbucks prior to the show. how was i supposed to know that there would be a song like that in avenue q?! i swear, if i could blush i would’ve. my friends started looking at me when that song started. buking! hehehe. pero oks lang, vocal naman ako that i admire the guy for his sense of taste given his age eh. 😛

a few of the songs were a bit too crude but still done very well, that all you can do is laugh. there even was a song which had the puppets in full nudity, making love, You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You’re Making Love). it was kinda shocking but i was still laughing so hard the entire time. this is my favorite song of the bunch…

all in all, it was a good play. for me, still very much incomparable to the classic broadway shows such as les miserables. but it relates more to situations we face nowadays. if the play is extended, i very much recommend that you watch it. 😀