* picture by mdomondon

after reading in jaybee‘s blog that she loved this book, i instantly got intrigued. so i bought it.

and i loved it.

hmm… how do i start raving about this book? let me count the ways.

  1. it’s cheap… 135 lang! hehehe. sulit na sulit ang bili ko.
  2. it’s so pinoy! the characters, the language, the setting and the situation. everything is so wonderfully Filipino. galing nga eh! when reading it, you can imagine friends or acquaintances saying these things. sometimes you even see yourself in some of the characters.
  3. it’s short. too short in fact because you can finish it in just one seating. 
  4. it’s funny. very funny! hehehe.
  5. the plot is simple and very easy to follow. hanging out and talking is something we’ve all done with friends right?
  6. lastly, it makes sense. it’s something you know could happen to you, or to any of your friends.

i hope i convinced some of you to buy the book already. paging jencarps, melai! 135 lang o! hehehe.

anyway, here are some quotes that i really really like.

Tess: Before I met this girl, I was so bored. I was pushing thirty and lonely. I didn’t even know if I was bored or just lonely or bored and lonely. Dangerous combination ‘yung being bored and lonely.
Turqs: Mas dangerous ang bored and horny. Or lonely and horny.

hahaha. super laugh out loud ako nung nabasa ko itong part na ito! totoo nga naman. 😛

Harlene: Noong bata ka ba naisip mo kung paano ang magiging buhay mo kapag trenta ka na? Did you have at least a clear vision of how you’d look like? How you’d talk? How you’d think? Who’d you be sleeping with? Iniisip ko kasi, ito na ba ‘yon? Ganito na ba ‘yon? Hanggang dito na lang ito. Nailigawan ako. Na-in love. Nagka-syota. Nakipag-live in. Tapos? Tapos ‘yun na ‘yun? ‘Yun na ‘yun? There must be something more out of this miserable life. Minsan, nararamdaman ko parang I’m running out of time. Suddenly, ‘yung statement na “you have a whole lifetime ahead of you” doesn’t apply anymore.

one more quote that expresses the restlessness i’m feeling nowadays.

Dyna: Pag tumatanda ka na. Nagiging convenient na statement ang “ganu’n talaga.” It comes so handy.

thus the blog post title. 😉