the feeling of independence comes in small ways. mine came during lunch today.

i’ve been feeling unwell lately but i haven’t told my mom yet. you see, i come from a family of doctors. all my doctors have either been relatives or friends of my relatives. but now that i’m in manila it’s getting harder when i get sick because i’ll call my mom and then she’ll panic and order me to book the first flight home so i could get treated. i remember when i got gastritis during february, she really wanted me to go home to davao over the weekend. good thing my uncle put some sense into her. i went to get some lab tests done then texted the results to my uncle, then i got diagnosed. weird noh?

anyway, back to my story… i’ve not been feeling well the past couple of days. and i have this theory why and believe me the reason is something my mom should not be knowing. so during lunchbreak today, i went to a hospital, chose a name from a list of doctors and had a consultation. i was a bit apprehensive because i’m used to relatives treating me. my mom doesn’t trust doctors she doesn’t know so she hates it when we get sick here in manila. but i sat down and described my symptoms to the doctor. she diagnosed me and prescribed some medicine for me.

it’s hard to explain how little things can affect how we feel. like the way my visit to the doctor today made me feel independent. it just goes to show that the little things do matter in life. 😉