last sunday, after the burn out competition in UP, i joined the nytp team for dinner and drinks. one of the huck you boys, marin, sat beside me during drinks. when gb mentioned that i was a broadway girl, he said that he had watched Phantom and Les Miserables in New York and Wicked in the West End. and i was instantly smitten. alam niyo naman ako, instant crush sa akin yan!!! hehehe. i made him listen to my collection of Wicked songs in my cellphone and he was actually able to recognize them and sing along! then later on we got to talking about poetry and he knew some of the poets i mentioned. when i mentioned ee cummings, he exclaimed… i love ee cummings! imagine my shock and well admiration at that point. unfortunately we were drinking so i don’t remember much of what happened or what we talked about anymore. jo said that we were exchanging Shakespearean lines with each other already. hahaha. talk about nerdy!

needless to say, i was inconsolable that night. because this guy was younger than me. 6 years younger to be exact. at this point, it would still be considered statutory rape. 😀

how utterly sad and disappointing it is to find qualities you’re looking for in a guy and find out that he’s wrong for you!!! i’m not saying we had a romantic spark kasi naman papaano yun mangyayari, 6 years younger nga siya diba?! but we did connect intellectually. i can count with my fingers the number of guys that i’ve talked to about broadway and poetry who actually knew what they were talking about.

oh well… at least may nahanap na ako to talk about this stuff with. 😉