jc (12/17/06 10:02am): Good morning with a hangover! :p nice shirt!

     this was the morning after my bacardi incident, where i passed out cold after drinking about 8 shots of tequila then 3 shots of bacardi151. i remember waking up and shouting… omg! umaga na! because the last thing i remembered was dancing. then when they made me check what shirt i was wearing, i was so suprised to see that it was different from what i was wearing the night before. while the guys all tried to convince me that they changed me, they couldn’t remember the color of my bra so i wasn’t fooled. hahaha. memories, memories! 

rox (02/10/07 7:16pm): Tish, dont be the best friend inyour own life. You’re the leading lady, ok? you deserve to be happy. smile, dear.

     rox and i were texting about the holiday and how nice it was when i told her that kate winslet’s character reminded me of myself. she then texted me this quote from the film. rox, i’m smiling. 😀 

mond (03/07/07 1:05am): Hi how r u? mwah mwah mis u.

     this is so funny coz it reminds me of mond and the mond show. although alam kong si marco ang nagtext nito and hindi si mond. hahaha.  

jencarps (04/21/07 2:08pm): Puta ka tlgang haup ka. Remind me d n kta kakausapn. Ever! Sa grad party c marvin invitd pkisab. Ikaw hnde! Tsk tsk tisha!

     this text is so jencarps! i can still hear her when i read this message. hahaha. 

doie (05/20/07 10:01pm): You played really well today, chika mia. You made your papi proud.

     this is memorable because this was the day i played my best ultimate ever. 4 endzone catches! and i even handled during some points. after that it was all downhill from because my legs started hurting. hahaha.

there are quite a few more text messages that i have kept but these are the ones i really enjoy reading. 😉