i remember how it started. my guy friends started doing it most afternoons after class. after being introduced to it during engineering week. i remember us girls just going along with them gossiping and eating junk food while they gave in to their urge to play. then i was “forced” to try it one sunday back in April 2005. it was okay, i guess. but some of us opted to go shopping in the afternoon rather then continue. i thought it would it a phase but it wasn’t. the guys got more addicted and addicted to it and we had to humor them and join them sometimes in their addiction. we started joining tournaments and training until it became a 4x a week habit. and now i just can’t help myself.

last week i spent 5 days playing ultimate! monday with the devils’ beginners, tuesday with my team toda, wednesday with my old team jogadores, thursday with toda once again, and saturday with players from various teams for the karen ferrer hat.

i don’t know what the turning point was that got me addicted. i was in no way sporty or athletic. i didn’t run, i didn’t jump, i didn’t jog, i didn’t like staying under the sun and i definitely didn’t like mud. but here i am… jogging, running, jumping, playing under the intense heat of the sun, and sometimes falling flat on my butt in icky mud. i even set a new year’s resolution for myself this year… to have at least one endzone goal in each ultimate tournament or event i join. and believe it or not, i’ve kept to that resolution so far. i’m just falling more and more in-love with this sport. and i can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. 😉

 ultimate day

it’s a perfect day to play ultimate!