i was browsing through pictures i’ve uploaded throughout the years and i found myself laughing over party pics and videos. grabe, it’s been so long since we had our last joga party where we got really drunk and made fools of ourselves, or rather, mond made a fool of himself.

dance floormelai and rashellius and migs… tsk tsk tsk…pokemond2joga-party.jpgjona luashton2.jpgashton3.jpgmond-and-rashell.jpgmond-and-me.jpgmond-and-me2.jpgmond-frauey-and-malor.jpg

and here’s our very own pokemond…


and who could forget mond’s famous “my cribs” video…

alam kong papatayin mo ako mond for posting this pero mature ka naman ngayon eh. hindi ka na nagkaka-episodes na ganito ngayon. plus, from what i hear, sa iba ka na rin daw sumasama.

a lot of things have changed since then…

  • taty’s working germany, yug’s migrated to canada and malor’s studying in korea
  • wala pa ang andrei-ash couple
  • jogadores pa ako (oo na! alam ko hindi niyo na ako mapapatawad for shifting teams… pero pwede bang bygones)
  • may mga couples noon na wala na ngayon
  • and most of all, hindi pa ganun ka-mature si mond at laging nag-air ang mond show

friends, let’s plan a joga get together one of these days! how does friday next week at my place sound? =p